Concluding post

East London provides an ideal example of a postmodern city in that the area seems disconnected and has multiple uses along with varying representations and discourses of the area and those who live and work in the area by media forms.

Although East London has become renowned as a typical ‘modernist slum’ where concentrated numbers of working class live and work, due to gentrification of the area; a certain layering of the area is taking place and working class residents are being displaced to make way for more affluent inhabitants.

Jonathan Raban’s idea of the ‘soft city’ captures the key issues with trying to totalise the identity of East London. The fragmentation and distrust of universals and ‘totalising’ discourses are the hallmark of postmodern thought, making the competing representations that we have discussed in this blog a key indicator that East London is a postmodern area and an area far to complicated to be completely disciplined.


Post by: Abi Groves, Georgina Miles, Marta Santillana, Sheldon Richardson, Dianne Bonney

Concluding post

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