Crime figures

Recent crime figures issued by the Metropoliton Police show that there has been a decline in crime in East london, apart from the borough of Newham. The figures (12 months to December 14) are as followed:

Havering: -2.4%

Barking & Dagenham: -2.2%

Redbridge: -1%

Newham: +0.5%

Waltham Forest: -8%

Tower Hamlets: -3.3%

Hackney: -4.7%
(Metropoliton Police, 2015)

Despite the overall decline in crime taking place in an area that has a reputation of being dangerous, it was uncovered that Stratford is the worst crimespot in the country; being labelled a “magnet for muggers, pickpockets and thieves.” (Beck, M, Cooper, D, Hall, W, 2013) It was revealled that the postcode covering the huge Westfield Stratford City Shopping centre has almost 200 offences being committed every month. Specifically, over the past 18 months 3,440 crimes took place in the area. A chart below details the amount of crime that took place per offence:

Crime(Beck, M, Cooper, D, Hall, W, 2013)

Post by: Georgina Miles

Metropoliton Police (2015) Crime Figures: Latest Crime Figures for London. Available at: (Accessed: 17 February 2015).

Beck, M, Cooper, D, Hall, W. (2013) Britain’s crime hotspots: Astonishing new figures identify the most lawless postcodes in the country… and zero in on east London’s Westfield shopping centre. Available at:–zero-Londons-Westfield-Shopping-centres.html (Accessed: 17 February 2015).

Crime figures

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