Multiculturalism |The positives and negatives

London is one of the worlds most multi-cultural cities. However, East London appears to be the main attraction for families of different ethnicities. Over the years the buildings and people within the area are forever changing as different cultures are inserted.

VLUU P1200  / Samsung P1200
Photo by: Margot Wilson (2010)

For example, in The Times, Carly Chynoweth (2013) wrote an article that included the changes of Jamme Masjid Mosque Brick Lane. She stated that;

 ‘It was built in 1741 as a Huguenot church, spent much of the 19th century as a Baptist chapel, became a synagogue in 1893 before eventually becoming a mosque in the last quarter of the 20th century’. 

Many religions have been worshipped in this one building and will continue to do so over the years. Brick lane is well known for its Asian culture which delivers some of the cities best curry houses. Bricklane and Spitalfields have street markets most days of the weeks that are popular with tourists, residents, students etc that sell second hand clothing, vintage items, hand made products that are from different cultures.

Old_Spitalfields_Market_Panorama,_London,_UK_-_DiliffPhoto by: David Illif (2014)

Although culture brings many positive things such as educational experiences, food, materials and so on, to many Londoners it has brought many negatives. Out of all the districts in the country, Newham has the highest ethnic minority population, but no particular ethnic group dominates. This causes negativity for many white british individuals who feel their culture and individuality is lost because they are no longer the majority. The different ethnic groups also creates a divide between the people as many of them keep themselves to themselves. As many languages are therefore incorporated into the area, there becomes a language barrier as many fail to learn the commonly accepted language.

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Post by: Abi Groves


Multiculturalism |The positives and negatives

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