Conflicting representations; Poor or upcoming East End?

When trying to differentiate between the varying stereotypes of London’s metropolitan we usually split them geographically; North London, East London, South London and West London (like mentioned earlier in Georgina’s post). East London is usually deemed the capital’s “poorest”, “dirtiest” and “roughest” area by media representations and through oral accounts of the area. But why is it rough? What do they mean by poor?

London poverty and deprivation mapped

This map produced by the guardian highlights the East of London as the poorest area (red representing higher levels of poverty- lower class and blue lower levels-upper class) of the city and EastLondonLines states that “East London is poverty blackspot of capital”, claiming that “Job Seekers Allowance claimants, unemployment and house repossession numbers have all increased in East London boroughs since 2007, London’s Poverty Profile has shown”.


A lot of articles focus on mainly family incomes and the amount of excess income a family are left with and fail to mention the amount of wealth the East End possesses in the form of culture and diversity. The East of London Is a “cultural melting pot that continuously blends the innovative with the traditional”. You have alternatives shopping facilities, an array of varying foods and the largest urban shopping centre in Europe.


These two completely varying perceptions of London’s, East End demonstrate the juxtapositioning of living within the East of England’s capital, with poverty and wealth intertwined in the same geographical area.,. ‘East London’. N.p., 2015. [Accessed: 2 Feb. 2015]

Ignatidou, Artemis et al. ‘East London Is Poverty Blackspot Of Capital’. Eastlondonlines. N.p., 2010. [Accessed: 2 Feb. 2015]

Rogers, Simon. ‘Deprivation And Poverty In London: Get The Data’. the Guardian. N.p., 2012. [Accessed: 2 Feb. 2015].

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Conflicting representations; Poor or upcoming East End?

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